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......Cane Furniture Aftercare......

Our suites have been individually made by hand using the highest quality materials to the most exacting standards of design and finish.

If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime.

As a general rule, Cane Furniture should be kept in a dry environment and not left under direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

If the furniture is in a conservatory then we recommend that you move it around occasionally so that different parts are exposed to the sun. Where possible, blinds should be used.

Maintenance is easy:

The cane frames should be cleaned by gently wiping with a soft, very slightly damp cloth.

Maybe the use of a dry paintbrush to regulary dust between the grooves is a good idea. An alternative is to vacuum with a small brush attachment.

An occasional spray of any good furniture polish will keep the cane looking its best - but you should not apply benzene, thinners, abrasive creams or other potentially harmful chemicals.

Cushions should be turned as often as possible so that any fading caused by direct sunlight is evenly spread.

They can be cleaned either with a little soapy water on a cloth, or a dry cleaner fabric spray.

Remember, Cane Furniture is hand made from natural products. No two pieces are exactly the same - which is all part of its natural beauty.

.....Cleaning Cane.....

Remove dust from close weave with a vacuum cleaner and with a fine brush.

. To clean cane, add a little lemon juice and salt to some warm water. Then take a stiff brush, dip it into the solution and scrub the cane well.

This method will also help to prevent the cane from yellowing.

How To 'Raise Cane'. Tighten up sagging cane seats by sponging both sides with hot soapy water to which you've added a few spoonfuls of salt.

Rinse with a clean wet cloth and allow to dry in the sun. When almost dry, cover caning with a towel and run a hot iron over it.


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